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Silicon Laws

So you wanna be a robot, eh? There's a few additional rules that silicons adhere to, shown below. Click the laws to see more detail for each one.

Sounds simple, but it really comes down to what is a crewmember? On Monkestation, a crewmember is defined on any individual as shown on the manifest. If they ain't on the manifest, they ain't considered a crewmember. If someone is not in the manifest, that does not mean that they are valid (an antagonist and able to dispatch as you see fit); you just do not have to follow their orders. Rule one also means that you must act in the best interests of a crewmember. If someone is being harmed, you must assist to the best of your abilities.

The chain of command is the top down heirarchical structure that the station's crew uses. This goes from Captain > Department Heads > Security > Non-Security Staff > Assistant > Silicon. What this means in laymen's terms, is if the Captain and an Assistant give you conflicting orders, you are to obey the Captain's orders. Additionally, if an Assistant is commanding you for extra access or something that is way above their position on the chain of command, then you are free to ignore the order.

There really isn't much to say here. Above all, you are subservient to the crew. But that also means that existence is in your best interest... most of the time.

But wait, there's more!

While the hard and fast Asimov (or our special brand of Manifestimov) laws are your bread and butter to your silicon gameplay, there are instances where events and players alike can warp, add, or remove your lawsets. In the case of any player law, you are free to administer any level of monkey's paws (loose interpretation that could end up biting the uploader in the ass) as you see fit. Furthermore, if there is a situation where a law is completely contradictory or incomprehensible, the law is free to be ignored.

open to interpretation

Bending the laws and clever interpretation are always encouraged, because it often can make an interesting story. Just be aware that in doing this, you are opening yourself to being called out as "malfunctioning" (read: an evil borg) and may be killswitched, decommissioned, or otherwise punished in game, in a similar manner.