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Creating an RP character

The soul of SS13 lies in being more of a one-shot D&D session than a game of Warhammer. That is to say that the primary focus of the game should be the journey, not necessarily whether you win or lose, or whether or not you make it back alive (or as the same person you started the round with!)

Just like a tabletop Roleplaying Game, SS13 requires a bit of, well, role play. Monkestation itself has no minimum character roleplay requirements, but building a character that you play as can give yourself interesting constraints to play within, as well as make the game more interesting for the people you interact with.

This can seem pretty overwhelming if you don't consider yourself the most creative, but that's okay! You don't have to be exceptionally creative to make an RP character. You don't even need a 25 page back story with all of your characters wants, fears, and needs encapsulated in an encyclopedia. The beauty of round based experiences like SS13 is that you can develop your character's story as you play them, making any interaction or event canon to that character's lore, or an integral piece of information that motivates them.

High level character archetypes to kickstart your character creation

The self-insert: There's nothing wrong with just plopping yourself into a game. In fact, some of the most memorable characters are self-inserts. Because what do you know better than yourself? For a self insert, you don't even have to fully place a carbon copy of yourself into the game, you can instead take some bits of your personality and exaggerate them.

The shameless rip-off: Another easy way to make a character is to just take a character you like from other media and insert them into space. An established character already has the groundwork for motivations and typically how they'd react to new things.

The straight-man: This is an incredibly common character archetype in media, and works in any situation. The key to the straight man is to just… react to the surroundings as if they are in fact, not normal at all.

Other ways of joggin' the noggin'

Check out the different available species and quirks in the preferences! Even hitting the random button can give you a burst of inspiration.