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The syndicate has called in some favors and you have to answer the call. The call for violence isn't for everyone; some people are loud and destructive, some people are sneaky and stealthy, what matters is you have a job to do, and by god you are going to do it!

What is an antagonist?

An antagonist is a player role that makes you exempt from specific rules about griefing and ruining players' rounds.
Things that you can do as an antag include:
1. Littering
2. Jay walking
3. Murder
4. Tax evasion
5. Terrorism
6. Blackmail
7. Theft under 1000 credits
8. Grand theft auto
The list goes on. There are so many different ways to be disruptive with your antag status, and each antag is unique! They all play quite differently and have vastly unique builds, items, and abilities. You could be a changeling and steal someone's identity, you could be a traitor chef who serves human meat, you could be a magical wizard who summons demons on the station! The only limit is your imagination!

What to do.

Every antag starts with a set of objectives. Your goal is to do the objectives at all costs. Consequently, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO DO THAT! You can do whatever your heart desires. Just know that your actions are what moves the game along. Antag gimmicks breath life into a round. Weird interesting things that skirt the line of what is and isn't okay under normal situations. Want to open a karate dojo and teach lethal martial arts to the crew? DO IT! Want to kidnap some players and force them to fight ot the death for your amusement? DO IT! Want to do your objectives? DO IT! Whats important is that you have fun and engage with those around you. Its perfectly okay to chase objectives. If you manage to complete all your objectives, you are given a little bonus meta coin at the end of the round! That is called “Greentexting”.

Greentext, friend or foe

So you look at your objectives. See you have to not only kill the captain, but also the HoS and the AI. Well crap, you are a bit intimidated by such an undertaking and are apprehensive about chasing these goals. Don't worry, throw them out the window, wander around for a while. See if someone slights you or gives you a reason to frick with them all round. The moment someone slips you, says you have ugly hair, calls your mother fat, it becomes “ON”. This is when you found your next rube, your target, your victim. But it's important not to just have them say “Lmao your mom” and you pull out a sword and stab them. There needs to be build up, more interaction, a bit of a slow boil. The journey is just as, if not more, important than the destination. It's important to have a story that you will walk away and remember. Mistakes are okay, people come back into the round quite often so throwing someone in the meat processor isnt as horrible as it sounds. This brings us to our next topic.


Escalation is a key part for designing a good round. Nobody wants to have someone silently walk up to them and kill them. It's boring. Maybe fun for you, but not fun for them. Back and forth, drama, the terror. Lots of different ways to do this. Steal department tools from someone, break their doors, shove them, call them fat. Do what you gotta do to make them upset at you. There is also the grandiose “I'm clearly a villain! I intend to do EVIL! Crime is good!” There is a very handy social tool that can help you get what you need. LIE. Dead ass lie to people. When you are an antag, you are evil, so doing evil is okay. Even if your character normally wouldn't do something evil like this, your antag status does not transfer between rounds, its alternate reality you, and you do crime!


You have been caught, sec is bearing down on you, violence is going to happen. Do you pull your punches? At that point, it's your decision. You have EVERY RIGHT to self defense! Pull out that sword and get to stabbing. Fight until your last breath! Just know that sometimes it's better to ditch the evidence and try words. Being nice to sec usually gets you a lighter punishment. Unless they know you were murdering and feeding people to monkeys. Then you KNOW your going to get the shit kicked out of you unless you fight back. That's when escalation hits the fan yo: time to KILL. Doom music on. Shoot 'em in the neck. Just know that people other than sec might try to get involved. That means they have made the active decision to become an active combatant, Free to kill. Doesn't mean you should just run up and start stabbing people after you have been found out.

Some Final Notes

Sometimes random bombings get the round spinning. People die to them, it happens, whatever. When fighting someone, if you get the option to talk, say they are the bad guy. Others might jump in to defend you. Build traps, plan escapes, make secret tunnels. Nuclear operatives, xenomorphs, and wizards are exempt from the escalation requirement. They are huge threats, but sometimes the nukie and wizard gimmick happens. Temperance goes a long way to making things interesting. Its worth it to study space law, sometimes you would be surprised by how far that can get you when sec makes mistakes with space law. Sec is expected to follow space law.