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Security Rundown

So you've decided to try the most thankless job in space? Good on you, here's a few guidelines on how to stay sane and not get the crew to hate you.

You are more than robocop:

While securing the station is still your primary job, there are plenty of calm moments to actually help out others and maintain sanity with how much you will be moving around. Carry a medkit or a folded rollerbed, push a crate or two to cargo, chat in the bar(Usually the center of the station) and whatever else you can think of that can be done while on patrol. You'll end up saving an assistant or two from their own stupidity.

Where is your battle buddy?

Except in the unfortunate cases where you are solo security, ensure that you have a nearby friendly security officer patrolling with you, as you are fairly easy to pick off when alone.

Bringing them in

There will be plenty of cases where you actually have to arrest someone and bring them in. I cannot give you any tips on actually being "robust" during an arrest, that comes in time.

When bringing someone in, try to actually communicate with them, nobody likes silently being thrown into the brig for 20 minutes. Communication is key to prevent rioting, since everyone loves to just scream "SHITCURITY" at the first chance they get.

Excessive Force and YOU

As a security officer, you have the most versatile number of weapons that any non-antagonist crewmember can get. A quick flash/baton and cuff will work against the majority of targets, but your disabler is highly effective versus anyone running away. Target the legs to slow someone down as they are fleeing. Lethal force should only be brought out in the event the offender is believed to be impossible to contain (Freedom Implant, Hulk, Magical), or if they are actively causing injury/murder to innocents at that time. Remember, security is not an antagonist role. You are there to provide a counterbalance to prevent antagonists from just rolling over the station.

Further reading (AKA, the nerdy nitty gritty):

Beestation's Space Law article provides you with the indepth rules for security procedure. It is encouraged for all players to peruse this at their leisure.