step by step guide to get into the game character creation tips antagging and you security and space law silicon & AI guidelines

Other useful links

/TG/station 13 starter guide Get Byond DM by example partheo's spriting manual

Banned? Appeal On The Discord, In The Tickets Channel.

what the heck is a monkey station

monkestation is a Medium-Rare Roleplay Space Station 13 server (US based) run and developed by a bunch of chimps and led by The Duke of Ook.

This site serves as a hub for all things monkestation.

i wanna play

If you are interested in playing, please have a look at the rules. Additionally, you can find a number of articles and guides for roleplaying in general, or for specific roles found on our server along the sidebar. Once you're ready to dive into the game, you can either find us on the byond hub under monkestation or add the address here:


you may also want to check out our quick start guide.

help i am new and don't understand what any of this means

That's cool! We encourage new players to join our server. If you need more insight on what on earth this game is and how to play, you can check out the wiki, join our discord, or just hop in the game and ask for help!