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1. Download BYOND

First you're gonna need to go to and make an account (you can't join the server without one!), then you'll wanna download the client on the website (right here boo)
You'll need to log in once it's installed

2. Join the server

Now that you've got it installed, you can actually click byond links and they'll take you to the game directly.
Try this out: byond:// or
Alternatively, you can copy this link and in the byond hub click the "open..." button and put the above link in. From there, you can also set a favorite!

3. Setting up a character

Click that snazzy CHARACTER SETUP button to create a character! There's a ton of customization options, down to the underwear! You can also click the Quirks button to pick out some quirks... if you're new, it's probably a better idea to not pick most of them, but feel free to browse and see what's available!
If you want some help coming up with a character idea, we've got an article for that!