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This server has a zero tolerance policy for bigotry.

This includes racism, sexism, and homophobia, including in-character versions of it. Any usage of slurs, or methods to get around the filters is prohibited. Outside of that, we encourage you to treat your fellow spaceman with respect.

Preferably, no talk of IRL political events should happen either. Our station is supposed to be a fun place: Light hearted, goofy and full of farts.

We should not need to explain what being a jerk is. If you need someone to explain it, then this isn’t the place for you.

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Do not do the job of another unless the department is unstaffed, requests assistance or is otherwise incapacitated.

Breaking into medbay storage, stealing supplies and just treating yourself does not provide interaction between players. Rushing into engineering to silently snatch up the gloves and tools deprives the rest of the engineers the equipment they need to survive. Making weaponry and zipties just for the sake of hunting down antagonists makes security redundant.

Play as the job you chose, or get the Head of Personnel/Captain to change it. Communicate for equipment if you need it.

MonkeStation is a server that promotes social interaction and has a number of newer players that are learning the roles themselves. Remember that you were new at one point as well, give them a chance to actually play and enjoy this game as well.

We treat this seriously. If you consistently sign up for a job and do not DO your job. You will be job banned. Eating up slots that other players could possibly have to do that job when you just SSD consistently as said job or committing suicide (floorpills too) will result in a job ban as well. It is okay to wander off and do your own thing but taking limited-slotted jobs and doing this is a huge detriment.

Monkestation is not a place for sexual content of any sort. This includes erotic role-play, sexual copypasta, references to genitalia and sexual acts.

There are other servers for that.

Insults that are not intended to be sexual are allowed, such as; Deez Nuts, Ligma, etc. If this is abused it will be at the admins discretion for punishment.

We take this rule very seriously as Space Station 13 has a rather young playerbase, and Sexual Content is not something we want to expose to those players.

Out of game communications, cliques that mysteriously show up to silently save someone and usage of out of game information such as a stream to discover antagonist status are not permitted. However, we highly encourage teaching friends as we know SS13 is a very difficult game. Should you need to use out of game communications for that purpose, we simply ask that you make an adminhelp during rounds that you are teaching someone this way. Give the name of the person/people you are teaching in the adminhelp.

Metagrudging is the act of acting upon previous round info, such as refusing to heal someone because they were an antagonist last round.
This is not permitted.

Do not speak about current round information in the OOC chat channel.

Do not argue in OOC. You will eat an OOC ban. Do not SALT in OOC chat during a round. You will get an OOC ban. Take complaints to the discord. AFTER THE ROUND. We understand that not everything is fun or not all rounds are the best but do not take it with you. If you wish to teach new players, you must use our Discord voice channels and accept that admins may choose to listen in to prevent actual metagaming.

Monkestation is a streamer friendly server, with very minor rules for those that wish to stream here. No stream delay is required.

Metaknowledge is not permitted, chat members must not inform the streamer of things they could not have known. It's fine to point something out so long as it was visible on stream.

Streamers are not granted any extra privilege, and are expected to be treated the same as any other player. Players must not hunt down streamers in-game for the purposes of harassment.

We know the face of this station definitely is in the gray area of this rule. Committing small crimes and building dangerous machines breathes life into an otherwise mundane round. Just do not cross the line into murder, theft of major items or destruction.

If you're ever wondering your gimmick is leaning too far into self antag territory, consider if you're negatively effecting another player's round. You can also adminhelp if you want our opinion on it as well. Coming to us willingly will be treated better than if we had to bwoink you.

Being a criminal within your character’s RP is one thing, but you are still employed by NT. Act to keep your job. Robbing random people is not RP. It’s self-antagonizing. Stealing shit and breaking into places consistently is self antagging as well as crossing RULE 2. Most of the time this should be dealt with IC. However, if you chronically abuse this fact it will result in action against you.

Prisoners without an added role such as Traitors or heretics are not antagonists Prisoners require extra escalation for any sort of aggression versus security. This is up to admin interpretation.

Lowpop hours are a time for learning.
You are especially discouraged from self antagging and otherwise impeding other peoples experiences when the server's population is below 10.
On most very low-pop rounds, antagonists will not be spawning in general.

In pops 20 or below. You are encouraged to not murder more than just your targets. A loss of a crew member can have a huge impact on the crew. Round removing people is not fun for anyone as the low pop hours can drag. Consider the inverse for you. Not being able to play for two hours. Aint fun is it?

If you are not security, avoid vigilantism. Defending yourself is fine, but making your entire round goal to chase down and hunt the antagonists is not.

This also excludes a solid RP reason (within the round) for seeking revenge. A clown who has had their shoes stolen by security, a chef continually getting harassed by assistants or a doctor that keeps getting shoved by crew as they work all have reasons to fight back.

Ninjas, heretics, Revs, final objective traitors, Cultist with halos, doomsday AI Valid huntable! Yaaay! You are allowed to protect your crewmates if they are being assaulted, Jumped, or attacked Within your view. But only to protect. Not to pursue. You can protect your establishment with force if a violent person has visited after there has been an attack by said person.

If there is a large-scale threat to the station, anyone is encouraged to participate in protecting the station. Large-scale threats are: Nuclear Operatives, Blobs, Xenomorphs and Wizards.

Escalate before engaging in hostilities with players.

The whole goal of the server is to create roleplay scenarios for everyone to interact with. Antagonists and non-antagonists must create situations that can be roleplayed and engaged with by others. Antagonists are the villains of the round, they’re the focus of the story and the driver of the round. Greentexting should not be the goal of antagonists. You should give players a sense of dread, either visually or verbally, and create an obvious motive or clear-cut situation where something bad is going to happen.

Security members should be focused on protecting the crew and maintaining the rule of law. Security can also escalate with their actions, such as drawing their weapon and pointing at the person being engaged. Security should still treat players fairly and engage them appropriately based on the situation. A clear and active threat to the station may be engaged with more harshly compared to a normal crewmember. Crew vs crew escalation must have clear consequences for actions and be consensual between the two crewmembers.

Actively murdering an excessive amount of people outside of your objectives is not permitted. In cases where you are forced to defend yourself against aggression against yourself, that is permitted so long as you aren’t obviously baiting for kills.

Validhuntable antags are exempt from escalation and excessive rule except for Revolutionaries. Revolutionaries should not kill non revs with the exception of people opposing the revolution.

On MonkeStation, we have a very light policy around names that should still allow you to be creative or humorous if you so desire.
Names must not be references to any people that were politically relevant, figures that were involved in major real-life criminality, or be references to anything that would otherwise break rules 1 and 3. Examples of unacceptable names: "George Floyd", "Jeffery Epstein", "Cum The Clown"

References to video games, shows, movies, books, or other fictional creations are perfectly acceptable so long as they would not break other rules.

Naming your Clown Deez is acceptable. Bonerfart the clown is acceptable

Above all else, if an admin is telling you to stop doing something, stop doing it. Claiming "It's not in the rules!", arguing, and rules lawyering is not going to help your situation in the event of an admin PM. Additionally, dragging an admin's decision into other channels (Twitch, Discord) will not help your case and can result in additional time banned.

Also please remember: Admins are not omniscient or omnipresent: while they have a large arsenal of tools at their disposal to stop rule breakers, they aren't able to stop something before it happens. Please use the Adminhelp feature (F1) to report any rule breaking! Even if it's just a gut suspicion, its fine to just use this feature to have them check it out.

In lieu of this, please remember that admins are there for rules enforcement, not players. Please report and move on; do not antagonize the perpetrator in either In Character(IC) or Out Of Character(OOC) regarding the report; this doesn't help anyone, regardless of whether or not they are breaking the rules. Additionally, dogpiling is not cool. Let the admins take care of stuff.

Complaining about stuff in OOC or IC about clear admin-helpable offenses does not get you to ingratiate with the admin team. Stop being a Baby and admin help it.

We reserve the right to remove and ban you via a unanimous admin vote or if you are the consistent source of player complaints and admin headaches.

Dragging an admin’s decision into other channels, Twitch, Discord, etc. will not help your case and can result in time being banned.

Appeals are only considered for permanent bans and will only be accepted after a month. If you wish to complain about admins, use a discord report or message me directly (ook).